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  • Piedmont Private Investigations’ founder experienced first hand the difficulties of a messy divorce and the stress of a child custody battle. With a passion for the truth, Tom Caune fought to bring the truth to the court, facing obstacles at every step. After spending thousands of dollars and countless hours to get justice, Tom wished someone would have been in his corner working to uncover the truth, someone he could trust.

    With years of law enforcement, loss prevention, and investigative experience, Tom decided to focus his skills on helping people get the peace of mind they deserve during the most stressful times in life. In 1999, he founded Piedmont Private Investigations, Inc.

    When you hire Piedmont Private Investigations you can rest assured that there is an entire company working hard on your behalf. We are a licensed and experienced private investigation firm you can trust.

    Piedmont Private Investigations is part of Piedmont Group. Three companies focused on security to keep you, your loved ones, and your business safe.


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